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CD & DVD Duplication

CD duplication involves printing onto a pre-manufactured disc and then putting the content on with a CD burner. For mass runs we use a tower of CD burners. CD duplication can be called CD burning. Just as DVD duplication is done by burning DVD.


After 10 years(est 2003) of CD duplication and over 800,000 discs burnt in that time we are confident that we are delivering the best product available. To that end it is essential to use high-quality media and have all the burnt settings are set correctly. This is the same for DVD duplication


CD duplication is ideal for runs needed quickly. Turnaround times can be as little as a matter of hours when needed though generally with paper parts its a few days .CD duplication is ideal for runs under 500 though becomes more economical to switch to CD replication between the 250 to 300 unit mark. This is purely based on the replicated CD’s being cheaper.


For CD duplication We generally use a high resolution thermal print on the disc. This is far superior to the inkjet prints available and will not wear out over time like inkjet discs do. This is the same for DVD duplication. All artwork should be provided at 300 dpi in CMYK mode. All paper and cardboard parts should have 3 mm bleed. Please ask us if you would like some templates and more specific instructions on what is required.


Master is the CD duplication should be provided on an audio CD(red book audio CD)


This provides a guarantee point for your content. It also ensures each CD comes out identically as provided.


Here at 3xL we are committed to providing the highest quality product possible. The combination of high quality media, experience and attention to detail with artwork along with our high levels of service achieve this.


Please feel free to contact us so we can find the best product for you.


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